Marc's Bio

Marc VanDermeer is an artist born and raised in the West village of NYC who now resides with his family in southwestern Connecticut. He started his career as a painter, majoring in fine art and film at Philadelphia College of Art where he earned a BFA. 

After graduating, Marc found work as a film assistant cameraman and later was an agent for Commercial Directors where he repped talent such as film directors, artists, and designers.

Marc was an early convert from film to digital media.   Marc was one of the first of many to start bending the definitions of modern photography. In 2004,  Marc had his first solo show at the Agora gallery in New York City. His style compliments digital photography with layering, painting and assemblage using Adobe' Photoshop and Lightroom among others to process his digital images. Marc calls his style "Pixelography" .

For a closer look at Marc's history his cv is available upon request 

If you wish to contact Marc he can be reached at